November 2015

Advent 1 – Hope

Rev. Canon Dawn Davis - November 29   Last week, the Church of England caused quite a stir in the media. It produced an advertisement to promote a new website called It was to air in December at movie theaters throughout England prior to the new...

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Reign of Christ Sunday

Philip Hamilton - November 22 There is an Ancient One, enthroned in majesty, who has transferred all power and authority and dominion onto the Human One. In this sermon, we explore together what the peaceable Kingdom of Christ looks like and how we can partner with...

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Starbucks’ Red Cup and France

Rev. Canon Dawn Davis - November 15   So here it is … the ‘Satan Sipper’, as Ellen DeGeneres calls it! Or even better … ‘the latest liberal terrorist weapon’. Given the recent violent events in France, that last statement highlights the absurdity of the controversy that...

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