Bible Resources

Choose a readable Bible that is a good translation.

      1. New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) is a well-respected translation used for devotion, worship and study. Inclusive language is used where possible. This is the version most often heard at Trinity. Buy Online.
      2. The New Jerusalem Bible is more often heard in Roman Catholic churches and offers a beautiful poetic translation. Buy Online.
      3. The New International Version is very popular and easy to read and more often heard in evangelical churches. Buy. Online.
      4. The Message is a really easy version translated by Eugene Peterson, a Presbyterian pastor. He uses common North American idioms rather than formal International English. Buy Online.
      5. The Path is the story of the Bible using excerpts from the New Revised Standard Version translation put in chronological order. It allows the reader to understand God’s overarching story of love starting from Genesis and ending with the Revelation to John. Buy Online.

Choose a Bible reading tool that is doable.

      1. Read Scripture is a free Bible App that makes reading the Bible engaging and fun. They have a motivational tracking system along with illustrative videos that help explain difficult concepts.
      2. Forward Movement publishes Day by Day which offers a Bible passage along with a daily devotion. Day by Day is available in the Trinity narthex and is offered to our shut-ins. This resource is available in print, online, as an email or via an App.
      3. YouVersion is a free Bible App that offers over 1200 translations in 900 languages. It provides an easy reading plan that can be adapted to your needs along with devotionals, videos, highlighting capacity and prayers.
      4. The Bible Challenge by Marek Zabriske, an Anglican priest, is a book that provides a year long reading adventure of the Bible with contributors, questions and prayer which make the scriptures come alive.