Pastoral Care

Prayer Team

Would you like prayer for yourself or someone else? Prayer is the foundation of what we do here at Trinity, and we have a faithful group who pray daily for these concerns and other needs of our community.

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Visitation Team

 Would you or someone you love like to be visited by a member of our Pastoral Visitation Team? Our specially trained team is available for visitation to nursing homes, senior’s residences, and private homes.

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Horizons of Hope

Does someone you know live with the realities of mental illness? We offer a safe space for group support and resource sharing for family members of those with various mental health concerns.

Grief Share

Have you experienced the deep pain of loss? We provide community of mutual support to help people find or deepen their faith as they examine questions about death, dying, grieving and mourning.

Divorce Care

Are you looking for a non-judgmental place to work through grieving the loss of a relationship? We offer a pastorally guided support group for dealing with the pain of separation and divorce through experiencing the healing power of God’s presence.

Midweek Prayer Service

Join us in our historic chapel on Wednesdays at 4:45pm

for an informal service of prayer that is open to everyone,

and is conveniently scheduled before dinner at Welcome Table.

“There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful

than that of a continual conversation with God”

– Brother Lawrence