Worship Services

At 8am we gather together in our chapel for an intimate and traditional said service of Holy Communion and quiet reflection, using the Book of Common Prayer.

At 9:15am the community gathers in our main worship space for an engaging service of Holy Eucharist, with special programming for our children, and a variety of musical and liturgical expressions.

At 11:15am we meet together in our chapel for an alternative and abbreviated communion service, for those seeking deeper self-reflection and spiritual dialogue.  We break for July and August.  Watch for us in September.

Sermon Series and Small Group Study

We offer small study groups throughout the year;

linked in with our Sermon Series topics or just because there’s an interest.

See the Events page for further information.

Midweek Services

Communion Service

 Join us at 10:30am every Wednesday during the Season of Lent

and on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday

of the month throughout the rest of the year

This traditional and intimate communion service is a great opportunity to press pause in the middle of a busy week.

Prayer Service

Join us in our historic chapel on Wednesdays at 4:45pm for an informal service of prayer that is open to everyone, and is conveniently scheduled before dinner at Welcome Table.

Aurora United Church

Aurora United Church holds their worship services at 11am on Sunday mornings in our shared worship space.

In the wake of a tragic fire which destroyed the building of the Aurora United Church (AUC) in the spring of 2014, AUC found a temporary home at Trinity. Trinity Anglican and AUC are committed to journeying together over the next several years as AUC discerns the next steps, moving forward. It is good to have friends along the journey!

My first Sunday at Trinity: FAQ

What should I wear?

  • Bottom line, wear what you are comfortable wearing. We gather as God’s loved people; some casual, others more dressed up. It’s not a surprise to see shorts, t-shirts, sandals, jeans and bright vibrant colours in equal numbers with dark suits, ties, and dresses. It’s your call. After all, we are thrilled that you’re joining us and want you to be more focused on the experience than what you’re wearing.

Will I fit in?

  • Whether you are old or young, coming with friends, or family, or on your own, like more  traditional forms of worship or prefer something more modern, or even if you are totally unfamiliar with an Anglican church, you will find a place here and people who are just like you.

How will I know what to do?

  • Inside the front or side entrances of the church, you’ll meet our greeters who’ll give you a friendly welcome and a leaflet explaining what will happen during the service. Just sit wherever you want. There are no reserved seats. There are times during the service when people stand, sit, or kneel. The leaders of the service will invite you to do so as you are able. If you lose track, just watch what your neighbours do. It’s not necessary to kneel for the prayers; some people like to kneel, and others prefer to sit. If you have difficulty standing or are minding a baby or toddler, feel free to sit throughout the entire service. Many people do.

Do I have to put money in a collection plate?

  • We do take a collection during the service. Like everyone else, we have to pay the bills, but making a financial contribution during the service is totally voluntary. If you don’t want to put anything in the plate the day you visit us, just hand the plate along to your neighbour. Many regular members donate by pre-authorized payment or write a monthly cheque, so you won’t be the only one passing

Can I take communion? What do I do?

  • All are welcome to gather at the table. When it comes time for communion, people are directed row by row to the front of the church. The clergy will speak a small prayer and place a thin round communion wafer in your open palm. You don’t need to say anything, but a lot of us reply with a quiet, heartfelt Amen. You can then take the wafer from your hand and eat it. In the Anglican Church we drink real wine from a common cup (we sometimes call it “the chalice”), which is offered to you by church members assisting the clergy (we sometimes call them “chalice bearers”). They too say a few words, and you take a sip from the offered cup. It’s okay to touch, hold, or steady the cup. It’s also okay to receive only the wafer. If you would rather not consume the wine, you can pause at the cup to hear the words of communion, or you can just walk past the chalice bearers and return to your seat. If you don’t want to take communion at all but would like a blessing, go up to the front with everyone else and just cross your arms over your chest. You’re also perfectly welcome to remain in your seat during this part of the service. If you have mobility concerns and would like communion brought to you, just signal an usher and they’ll make it happen for you.

Where do I park?

  • The church has a parking lot off Church Street at the east side of the church and plenty of street parking free of charge on Sundays.

Is Trinity a kid-friendly church?

  • We are welcoming of all kinds of families, and if yours happens to include children or grandchildren, we want them to feel at home with us, too. Our belief is this: children and youth are not future members of the church; they are present with us now, and their interests and their contributions are important to us. We also believe you and your family should choose to take part in our services and programs in a way that best supports your needs. You can go to our Family Ministries page for more on the options available for children worshipping at Trinity.

What if I say or do the wrong thing while I’m at the church?

  • We all do from time to time, but honestly there aren’t that many ways to slip up. And if you happen to get off track or go astray, you couldn’t pick a better place to do so!